Serving Suggestions

Some Of The Ways Our Customers Tell Use They Use Schroll's
1. Eat It Right Out Of The Jar, 2.In Omelets, 3. On Hamburgers, 4. On hot dogd With Spicy Mustard, 5.On Reuben Sandwich, 6. Added To Pot- Roast, 7. Make Stuffed Pork Chops, 8. In Stir-Fry, 9. Cook With Or Serve With Fish, 10. Mixed In With Veggies, 11. Added To Salads, 12. Mixed In Potatoes, 13. Added To Meat Loaf, 14. Adder To Turkey Stuffing, 15, In Pierogis, 16. Added To Baked Beans, 17. Added To Black Bean Burgers, 18. Added To Veggies Burger, 19. As a Side Dish, 20. Over Baked Potatoes, 21. Uaed To Enhance Dishes, 22.Bratwurst Sauteed In Schroll's, 23. Added To Wild Game, 24. Crescent Rolls Wraped Bratwurst with Schroll's, 25. Added To Ham and Chees Sandwich, 26 Tacos, 27. Used In Salsa