Serving Suggestions

Just some of the ways our customers tell us how they use Schroll's:

  1. Eat It Right Out of The Jar
  2. In omelets
  3. On Hamburgers
  4. On hot dogs with Spicy Mustard
  5. On Reuben Sandwiches
  6. Added to Pot- Roast
  7. Make Stuffed Pork Chops
  8. In Stir-Fry
  9. Cook with Or Serve with Fish
  10. Mixed in With Veggies
  11. Added to Salads 
  12. Mixed in Potatoes 
  13. Added to Meat Loaf
  14. Added to Turkey Stuffing
  15. In Pierogis
  16. Added to Baked Beans
  17. Added to Black Bean Burgers
  18. Added to Veggies Burger
  19. As a Side Dish
  20. Over Baked Potatoes
  21. Use to Enhance Dishes and Casseroles
  22. Bratwurst Sautéed in Schroll's
  23. Added to Wild Game
  24. Crescent Rolls Wrapped Bratwurst with Schroll's
  25. Added to Ham and Cheese Sandwich
  26. Tacos 
  27. Used in Salsa 
  28. On Portobello mushroom burger
  29. Over crab cakes 
  30. Add to smoothies