Schrolls Bavarian Sweet Sauerkraut - 4 Jar ( Best Buy)


Looking for that special taste to complete your meal or menu. Schrolls Gourmet Süß-Sauerkraut is just what you’re looking for. Unlike other sauerkraut products, Schroll’s “IT NOT JUST SAUERKRAUT”. Great with any meat or fish dish. It pairs well with potatoes, salads or vegetables use it any way you can think of. An all-natural product with no preservatives, Schroll’s Süß-Sauerkraut is delightful however you use it. Rich in flavor a little bit goes a long way, that is if you can keep people from eating it all at one time. It’s all in the flavor. (Suggested serving size is between 1 to 1.5 ounces)

Your best value is the 4 pack. Get one today and we know you will be back for more. Buy today and Enjoy.